About Us

Picture of Ruby and Josh

We’re a Colorado-based mod company who’s passionate about vaping, the community, and our incredible state. We created Aspen Mod Co. out of our love for artistry, quality materials, simplicity, and safety in the vapor industry.

We set out to accomplish three main goals that have never been tackled before in a mechanical box mod:

  • A self-adjusting 510 connection
  • Quick and safe access to your batteries
  • A clicky mechanical button

Through Ruby’s years of experience as a YouTube vape reviewer, and with Josh’s mechanical engineering and machining background, we envisioned the Monarch. It began as a massive design challenge, one that was not easily solved, and it has ended as a beautifully finished, hard hitting, USA-made product that we are so proud of.

We’re a family operation, hand crafting each and every mod right here in Colorado with the highest quality possible. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and our mod company, Aspen Mod Co.

Cheers! Ruby & Josh